Hi ! I’m Cassie and I come from the South of France.

Actually, I live in Quebec. I’m studying in the University Laval, A french university in Quebec province, as a business student. I love this town, these people. Everything is so different from my home country, but it is so exciting to discover a new world.

I am a vegetarian for a few weeks now, and I’ve never felt so good, in my body as in my spirit. I try to eat as healthy as I can, even if sometimes, a good (tofu) burger with classic french fries is absolutely delicious.

I’m a vegetarian for three main reasons, as a lot of people: animals, earth and health. I’ve got a dog (pictured), Bacchus, that we had in a dog refuge. I love him sooo much, I miss him, as my family, of course!

I made this blog with no expectations, I just want to share my discoveries around the net and all these foodblogs I visit daily.

My pictures are not really beautiful, but I try to do my best 😉

So, thank you for coming and hope you enjoy it!

This blog is dedicated to my beautiful family, especially to my parents, because they permit me to be here, in Quebec, and they have always believed in me. I would never be enough thankful to them. I love them ❤



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