Sweet, Sticky & Spicy Tofu



Most people I know tell me that tofu is disgusting, and has no taste. Well, I admit that first, I thought it too : plain, it’s not really tasty, and when you try to heat it but you don’t know how, you still have a sort of white cubes, fluffy and not really appetizing.

BUT, after a loooot of researches, I finally found a perfect guide to help me cooking the perfect tofu. Thanks to Healthy Happy Life, I’m now able to make a lot of dishes, which never taste the same. I can now say that I’m totally in love with tofu ! My favorite, it is this recipe. Sweet and savory at the same time, quite sticky and an explosion of savor that overwhelm my taste buds and make me ashamed to have, one day, criticized this lovely and kindly tofu.

So now, I’m a firmly defender of this ingredient, and I try to persuade all my friends, that, NO, tofu is not tasteless, and YES, you can have a delicious meal with it. This lunch, I ate it with some steamed potatoes and bok choy, topped with Earth balance.

Very easy, very tasty, very perfect lunch 😉


Sweet, Sticky & Spicy Tofu

Adpated from Mango & Tomato

¼ extra firm tofu, pressed and cubed or shaped as french fries

1 tbsp Hoi Sin

1 tsp soy sauce

1 tsp hot sauce

1 tsp water

1/6 onion, finely chopped

1cm fresh ginger, finely chopped

Sesame oil


Combine Hoi Sin, soy and hot sauce, water and onion in a bowl. Put tofu in it and mix well to cover all the tofu. Let marinate for 1 hour.

In a sauce pan, heat sesame oil. Sauté ginger for 30 seconds and then add the tofu. Sauté on one side for 1 or 2 minutes, until caramelized. Then, fry the other side, for a couple minutes.

Add the remaining sauce, and let boiling, it will cover the tofu with a sticky coating. Stop heating when all of the marinade is evaporated.

Serve with your favorite side dish.





Since I’m a vegetarian (not very a long time, that’s true) I cook a lot, more than before, and I also have a lot more fun to do it.

Organic products and healthy food have been included in my pantry, and that makes me really enthusiastic when I have to choose what I’ll do for lunch or dinner. Inspiration comes much more easily than before ! Especially with lentils and beans !

You can cook it in so many different ways, mushy or tender, stew or sauté, with coconut milk or dry. So inspiring !

Just one drawback: green lentils, and especially french one, are very long to cook, and it’s not very practical when you are a student and that you have to cook and eat in one hour… Yes, you can do your lunch before, but time is hard to find. But I do all I can to be in the kitchen at 11.30a.m, so that I can eat one hour after and be in class just in time.

I’ve already ate lentils and rice, but not mixed together. So I wanted to try this recipe, and since it included cumin, I was in!



From The Shiksa in the Kitchen

1/3 cup rinsed lentils

¼ cup rice, soaked in water during 2 hours

¼ onion, diced

2 teaspoon cumin

Olive oil

1 large onion


Bring 4 cups of water to a boil. Then, add lentils and let cook during approximately 15 or 20 minutes, until lentils are tender, but still firm. Drain.

Bring again 2 cups of water to a boil with one teaspoon of salt.

In a saucepan, heat olive oil and sauté ¼ onion for 1 minute. Add lentils and cumin. Sauté for 4 minutes. Add the drained rice and stir. When the water is boiling, add to the mixture, cover, reduce heat, and let simmer until everything is cooked and water evaporated, about 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, heat olive oil and add the onion, cut into big chunks. Let caramelized until it gets a rich caramel colour and smell like candy (20 minutes)

Turn off the heat of the lentils and fluff with a fork. Cover, and let stand for ten minutes, and than, fluff again.

Put in a plate, add caramelized onions on the top, some cilantro if you want, and now you can eat.